2012-10-14  •••  Puffins

Puffins at the BioDome in Montreal

2008-09-29  •••  Eiffel

As a few of you know, Karen and I spent some time in Paris last spring. I guess this shot is a little overdue, it is my take on the classic Eiffel Tower shot from the Trocadéro. Many more to follow...

2008-04-25  •••  Les Paul

My appologies to all of you who make a part of your daily routine. I promise that there will be many exciting photos very soon! In the meantime, here is the reason that you have not heard from me in a while. It is a Gibson Les Paul Standard and, after twenty years of waiting, it is mine.

2008-02-11  •••  Bass and Art

In case you were wondering where I've been these past few weeks, this photo should give you a hint. Lately I have been enjoying a renewed interest in music. I seem to alternate between photography and music as my main source of artistic expression based on some unkown circadian rhythm. I think I am beginning to find a balance that allows me time for both.

2007-12-22  •••  Light Tree

Thank you all for visiting over the past year. Your support and your kind words have been greatly appreciated. Have a happy holiday and I wish you all the best in the new year!

2007-11-23  •••  Pine Trees

I've been trying to capture the tall pine trees at Danford lake for a while now with little success. While this shot isn't exactly groundbreaking, I think I am beginning to figure it out. You get that feeling of size and depth with just a touch of claustrophobia. I love these trees.

2007-11-18  •••  Green Vase

Here is a quick photo from my new camera. I really like the out of focus effect on the wheat. It adds motion to an otherwise static subject. It is a little grainy but this was shot indoors without any artificial lighting; something that was not easily done with my old camera.

2007-09-30  •••  Yellowjacket

Another macro shot from the experimental farm bottanical gardens. I used my portable flash to light the bee from the side (thanks Karen!) while the sun lit the background. The portable flash setup really does make a big difference. On a side note, I love how you can see a little pollen on the side of his mouth.

2007-09-15  •••  Coffee Break

My wife Karen definitely has an eye for photography (and handsome subject matter). She has provided this shot while I enjoy a quick coffee break.

2007-08-29  •••  Karen

Just thought you might enjoy a photo of my beautiful wife Karen. I always do.

2007-08-19  •••  More Flowers

This is another experiment in pseudo-impressionism. I think my previous attempt didn't work because there was no focal point that was actually in focus. The flowers in the forground provide an entry point into the image while drawing the eye towards the soft colours in the background. I think it works.

2007-08-06  •••  Foxglove

The botanical gardens are a great place to go after a rainfall. This is my first attempt at using fill flash for macro shots. Special thanks goes to Karen for helping lug around all the extra equipment (she's a real sport).

2007-07-22  •••  Red Dragon

Karen and I went for a hike today in the Gateneau Hills. I used to bike regularly in these hills a few years back but have rarely been up here with my camera. The hike was great and the dragonflies were very cooperative.

2007-07-15  •••  Owen and William

We had a little photo session up at Danford with our newest nephews. The boys were just wonderful and were willing to keep smiling for the camera as long as the girls kept dancing and singing behind me.

2007-07-07  •••  Question

An interesting buoy formation at Mooney's Bay. I took advantage of the harsh lighting and went for something a little more abstract.

2007-06-30  •••  Flower Burst

Getting a little creative with the macro lens.

2007-06-05  •••  Little Pink Flowers

Another mystery flower from the yard. Many of the little blossoms were facing down, giving the plant a bit of a melancholy look. The rain, of course, added to the effect.

2007-06-03  •••  Pollen

I have a few mystery plants around my house planted by the previous owner. This one was definitely a nice surprise.

2007-04-14  •••  Small Shell

I finally had a chance to give my new macro lens a try. The shell is less than two centimeters in diameter.

2007-04-03  •••  Last of the Fall Leaves

Two small trees waiting for spring along the Ottawa river.

2007-03-28  •••  Yellow Shirt

Part of an interesting sculpture in downtown Ottawa. She Is looking towards the war memorial and parliament hill. I like the thoughtful look in her eyes.

2007-03-24  •••  Fig Impression

Just an experiment with out-of-focus photography. I think I will try this on some landscapes next.

2007-03-20  •••  Red Brick

Found along the Lake Ontario coastline near Toronto. It is surprizing how a single brick can bring up so many thoughts about life, the universe and everything.

2007-03-17  •••  Flamingos

A beautiful sculpture from the ice carving competition held during the Winterlude festival in Ottawa.

2007-03-06  •••  Snow Globe

An unusual display in the middle of the Winterlude festival. The 'globe people' were great sports to be on display like this in front of City Hall. Those two little girls were completely awe-struck.

2007-03-04  •••  Chip Stand

Hopefully this will be opening soon once the snow melts. Not long 'till spring...

2007-03-03  •••  Winter Wonderland

With the Chateau Laurier and the Parliament buildings in the background, the downtown part of the Rideau Canal can feel like a place out of time.

2007-02-26  •••  Canal

Karen and I went skating on the Rideau canal last Sunday morning. Well, Karen did most of the skating while I took some pictures. We both had a wonderful time.

2007-02-24  •••  Winter Fence

When it is twenty below and the wind is blowing, I often wonder what I am doing standing in the snow taking photos. I was drawn to this fence because it had also seen better, sunnier, days.

2007-02-13  •••  Ice Slide

Another shot from the Winterlude festival in Gatineau, Québec. These kids were sliding down a wall of sheer ice at speeds approaching 120 km/h (well, almost). However, the shot is more interesting if you imagine that the sliders are standing still.

2007-02-10  •••  Red Dragon

This beautiful 10' dragon costume was definitely a highlight of the Winterlude festival in Gatineau.

2007-02-03  •••  Portrait #2

Another portrait, this one taken in my new studio. My setup is still pretty basic which is forcing me to be a little more creative. I shot this one through some white nylon to give it a soft glow.

2007-02-02  •••  Campfire

Karen and I were out looking at the winterlude ice sculptures when we came across this cozy little fire. It wasn't long before the marshmallows came out.

2007-01-28  •••  Mr. Johnson

I have been focusing on portraiture lately. It can be a challenge to capture someone's true character while they are in front of the camera.

2007-01-20  •••  Perennial

Here is a shot from my now snow-covered garden. Only a few weeks left 'till spring...

2006-12-07  •••  Wheat

I like the rich fall colours and how they mix with the shadows as the sun is going down.

2006-12-02  •••  Wooden Chair

An old chair found in a field by our home. It's a simple chair but it has a certain detail that I really enjoyed. When did we forget how to make things like this?

2006-11-24  •••  Tin House

The Tin House Court in downtown Ottawa. A local tin smith named Isaie Honore Foisy covered his house in tin as a form of advertisment. When the house was demolished, the façade was saved by the NCC and displayed here.

2006-11-17  •••  Lake Ontario

Toronto from across (well, along) lake Ontario. You can see more of the eroded bricks that cover the shoreline.

2006-11-15  •••  Marina

Only a few boats and even fewer good sailing days left. Taken just outside of Toronto.

2006-11-13  •••  Bricks

This was taken in Etobicoke just west of Toronto. The beach was covered in pieces of eroded brick.

2006-10-04  •••  Amazing Grace

This guy was playing a beautiful version of Amazing Grace. You could tell that he really meant what he was saying.

2006-09-30  •••  Hanging Garden

A beautiful display at a kiosk in the By Ward Market. I can spend hours walking around the shops enjoying the colours.

2006-09-25  •••  Notre-Dame

A quiet moment in Notre-Dame Cathedral.

2006-09-22  •••  Tow Away Zone

Ottawa is a strange city...

2006-09-20  •••  A Short Break

I really don't post enough black and white photos. Colour can be distracting at times.

2006-09-17  •••  Pollination

I guess it was time for a short break. I have finally managed to add a few new photos to my collection. Surprisingly, they are not all flower shots! Having said that, here is pollination in action.

2006-08-27  •••  Unicycle

These kids were amazing. I really wanted to capture the concentration and effort they were putting into this.

2006-08-23  •••  Skydiver

This has an abstract quality that I like. I also like how the skydiver looks like a little stick man.

2006-08-20  •••  Red Daisy

Another daisy type flower from Karen's garden. Some non-flower images to follow, I promise :)

2006-08-18  •••  Fondue

The first person to combine chocolate and strawberries must have been a genius.

2006-08-16  •••  Purple Coneflower

The first of many pictures from Karen's perennial garden. Now that we have completed the move, I will be able to return to my regular posting schedule. Thanks for your patience and welcome to!

2006-08-12  •••  PoP

Some of my finest childhood memories seem to include lime ricky soda from the Pop Shoppe. Sadly, they went out of business in the early 1980's. So, you can imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon this bottle at the 7-Eleven. The Pop Shoppe has returned.

2006-08-07  •••  Danford Moonlight

This was taken at around 11:30 PM during a full moon. I used a long 95 second exposure to capture the moonlight on the dock. The sky is a little blurred since the clouds were slowly moving across the sky.

2006-08-01  •••  Flying Busker

Sorry for the long break, this is my first post from our new home! This performer had everyone completely captivated. It is nice to see people enjoying something that is not on television.

2006-07-19  •••  Bunny

Ottawa is home to hundreds of wild bunnies. Karen and I saw this little guy (girl?) while out for an evening stroll along the river.

2006-07-15  •••  Carleton Piers

The piers from the Carleton Street Bridge in Fredericton. I love that they left the piers there after the bridge was dismantled in 1982. They have definitely become a Fredericton landmark.

2006-07-11  •••  Hidden Blossoms

This shot was taken through a bush in order to create a vignetting effect. Normally I would apply this effect directly in Photoshop but it is always fun to try different techniques.

2006-07-04  •••  High Divin' Act

"I paid my four bits to see the high divin' act, and I'm-a-gonna SEE the high divin' act!" - Yosemite Sam

2006-07-01  •••  Snowbirds

Taken today near Parliament Hill. Happy Canada Day!

2006-06-27  •••  Scooter

I noticed this scooter from across the street and just had to take a few shots. It is always nice to find some colour on a rainy day.

2006-06-24  •••  Mourning Dove

I love these birds. They have a subtle beauty that always reminds me to look at things a little closer.

2006-06-19  •••  Rainbow

Here is a panorama taken just outside my patio door.

2006-06-18  •••  UNB

The main campus of the University of New Brunswick. The building on the far left with the white columns is where this picture was taken.

2006-06-16  •••  Dunton Tower

Colonel By Drive as it passes Dunton Tower. During the summer months, a number of streets throughout the city are closed for a few hours each Sunday. It give the non-motorized among us a chance to have a bit of fun.

2006-06-13  •••  Tree Farm

Sorry for the long break. Here is an interesting landscape along the Rideau Canal in Ottawa. The dead trees give an ominous feel to an otherwise quaint little farmhouse. All is not well at the tree farm...

2006-06-06  •••  The Roy Kids

This was found by my sister in the back of a cabinet that belonged to my grandmother. I am guessing it was taken by my grandfather Edgar so I am giving him the credit. My contribution was to undo fourty-five years of wear and tear. The cute one in the back is me mum.

2006-06-05  •••  Lighthouse

The lighthouse in downtown Fredericton. They don't get many ships along that part of the Saint John river so it mostly serves as a gift shop.

2006-06-01  •••  Daisy

I decided to subdue the colour in this shot in order to emphasize the white petals and to give it a more natural look. Flowers in the 'wild'.

2006-05-30  •••  From the Earth

This plant is so new it still bears the signs of its struggle to escape the soil.

2006-05-27  •••  Garneau

Karen and I were driving around town and we came upon this monument to 70's architecture. I wonder if anyone can guess what it is.

2006-05-25  •••  Bonsai

This is actually just a little shrub but it has a certain bonsai quality to it. I wanted to capture the three dimensional qualities of the branches. I decided to use a shallow depth of focus to draw you into the plant while preventing you from ever really taking it all in at once.

2006-05-23  •••  Danford Birches

This may look familiar to some redVantage viewers. Here is the same shot in winter.

2006-05-21  •••  Trillium

The Ontario provincial flower. They have just started coming up around Danford lake in spite of the cold weather.

2006-05-20  •••  The Blue Room

This is the main lounge on the UNB campus. It is one of the few public places where it's OK to just sit and stare out the window.

2006-05-15  •••  Year One

A year ago, I decided to build this little website in order to share my work with my family and friends. Much to my surprise, redVantage now gets hundreds of visitors each month from all over the world. I just wanted to say 'thank you' to everyone who has taken the time to have a look at my photographs, and for all the encouragement I have received. Year two is going to be great!

2006-05-14  •••  Nashwaak

My earliest memories are from around here. These trees have always given me the creeps. If there is anything evil going on in Fredericton, you can bet it's in that stand of trees.

2006-05-13  •••  Wooden Angel

You get two photos today. This is Karen's Willow Tree angel, taken with my new lens.

2006-05-10  •••  Museum Face

The main entrance to the Museum of Civilization.

2006-05-07  •••  Music and Dispassion

I was going for more of a washed-out, pastel look with this one. It is hard to imagine, but the music was actually quite beautiful.

2006-05-05  •••  Darwin Hybrid

It is that time of year again! The Canadian Tulip Festival is in full bloom.

2006-05-04  •••  Samuel de Champlain

Yup, that's Samuel de Champlain up on the hill surveying the Ottawa valley with his famous Astrolabe. Oh, and some tulips for good measure.

2006-05-03  •••  Spring '06

The first new flower of the season...on, that is.

2006-05-01  •••  Out Of Season #2

A companion to the previous tree. Karen informed me that the hill next to these trees is a popular tobogganing location. The hay bails are used to protect the kids (and the trees).

2006-04-30  •••  Out Of Season

A relic from the fall surrounded by the new spring growth.

2006-04-29  •••  Waiting Room

This could possibly be the cruelest advertisement I have seen. This was our view for about an hour while waiting for our flight.

2006-04-27  •••  Blue Hut

The Mactaquac dam near Fredericton. I can't imagine what goes on in that little blue hut.

2006-04-25  •••  Barracks

The soldiers' barracks in Fredericton's historic military compound. These cells are now used as artisan studios by the College of Craft and Design.

2006-04-22  •••  54 Years of Justice

The Fredericton Justice building. Originally a military hospital built in 1827, it was converted to a college in 1876. After being destroyed by a fire in 1930, it was rebuilt as a courthouse. It now serves as an art gallery and dance studio.

2006-04-20  •••  Train Bridge

The train bridge across the Saint John river in Fredericton. It was recently converted into a pedestrian bridge and is now part of the Trans-Canada Trail.

2006-04-18  •••  Above the Rain

It has been a while since my last post, Karen and I went out east to spend the long weekend with my family. We flew out of Ottawa at 6:15AM during a rain storm. We were a little tired but the view was worth it.

2006-04-08  •••  Barn Owl

Karen and I had a great hike today and we ran into all sorts of wildlife including a cooper's hawk and a huge racoon. We saw this guy on our way home when we stopped for some groceries in the mall...

2006-04-04  •••  Fox Warren Pole

A striking Haida totem on exhibit at the Museum of Civilization in Gatineau.

2006-04-02  •••  Plaster Angel

One of three plaster angels at the entrance to the ByWard Market in Ottawa.

2006-03-30  •••  Victoria Mill

An abandoned mill on Victoria Island between Ottawa and Gatineau cities.

2006-03-28  •••  Enter the Squirrel

Karen and I had some seed out for the birds but it didn't take long for the squirrels to catch on.

2006-03-26  •••  Red-breasted Nuthatch

Karen made a new friend while hiking in the Mer Bleu Wetland near Ottawa.

2006-03-24  •••  Parliament Hill

This is my favorite view of Parliament Hill. I was planning on making it black and white as a sort of 'false historical' but it just didn't do the copper roof justice.

2006-03-21  •••  Deer Path

We spent the morning watching a family of deer make its way across the lake.

2006-03-18  •••  Wood Stove

The wood stove at Danford. Who needs a TV when you have a warm fire and a good book?

2006-03-15  •••  Deer Feeder

There is quite a large number of deer this year at Danford Lake. The birds are in for some stiff competition.

2006-03-12  •••  Snow Men

Karen and I came upon these guys while out for a walk at Danford. While I am sure this was meant as a friendly holiday jesture, the final result is more than a little creepy.

2006-03-10  •••  Lest We Forget

The east wall of the War Museum in Ottawa. The windows are actually morse code for “lest we forget'oubli jamais”

2006-03-08  •••  Tree Reflection

I decided to go for a harsher 'gothic' look on this one. Oh yeah, and it's upside-down.

Taken the same day as this shot.

2006-03-05  •••  Redbud Crabapple

This tree has a decidedly sinister feel to it in the fall. The fruit is actually an apple, not a berry (Malus x zumi Calocarpa).

2006-03-02  •••  Miniature Locks

Another depth-of-field experiment. It took forever to make all the little leaves...

2006-03-01  •••  The Ring

My wedding ring. I was playing with shallow depth-of-field and stumbled onto something a little deeper.

2006-02-26  •••  The Stone Distillery

The Stone Distillery building in Toronto. This is a focal point for the Distillery District. I wanted to try something a little different to capture the context of the smokestack.

2006-02-24  •••  Seagull

We don't usually pay much attention to these birds but their beauty is undeniable.

2006-02-20  •••  Center Block

An important meeting next to the Center Block of Canada's Parliament Hill.

2006-02-18  •••  Monserrat

The new (old) cocoa bean grinder soon to be installed at the Soma Chocolatemaker in Toronto. Food of the Gods.

2006-02-15  •••  Bank Street Bridge

The Bank Street Bridge as seen from the Rideau Canal.

2006-02-13  •••  The Reach

A powerful snow sculpture on display at the Canadian National Winterlude festival.

2006-02-11  •••  Rideau

A beautiful day to go skating on the Rideau Canal.

2006-02-08  •••  Phased Out

The old Phase 2 building in the middle of Ottawa's Glebe district. It used to be a second-hand clothing store.

2006-02-06  •••  Flatiron

The first Flatiron building, located in downtown Toronto.

2006-02-05  •••  Home Hardware

An eclectic set of shops in the Glebe. The Glebe is an interesting part of Ottawa with a mixture of hardware stores, coffee bars and high-end boutiques. Ex-hippie land.

2006-02-03  •••  Orange Tulip

Think vernal thoughts...

2006-02-01  •••  Rusted Shut

A sinister column of shutters in the Distillery District. You can almost see someone looking out at you...

2006-01-30  •••  Fargo

A well-used 1940's Fargo truck near the Distillery district in downtown Toronto.

2006-01-25  •••  Another 50 Years

The Yesterday's bulding on Sparks Street. I really do hope this building is still around in fifty years.

2006-01-23  •••  Valinor

This clearing reminded me of a scene in Tolkein's The Silmarillion. For those of you who enjoyed the Lord of the Rings trilogy, this book provides an interesting (and complicated) back-story.

2006-01-18  •••  Branta canadensis

Canada geese having lunch in Andrew Haydon Park.

2006-01-15  •••  Knox Gates

The gates in front of the Knox Presbyterian church, downtown Ottawa.

2006-01-14  •••  Ice Racing

Some races take longer than others.

2006-01-12  •••  Willow

Our Cat.

2006-01-11  •••  Chlorophyll

An experiment in diffuse light. Another take on the same photo can be found here.

2006-01-09  •••  Winterfell

Winterfell is a fictional city in the Song of Ice and Fire series by George R. R. Martin. He has a fascination with snow covered birch trees. I can see why.

2006-01-06  •••  Gatineau Hills

The sun was trying to come out across the lake. The result was a wonderful display of diffuse light reflecting off the ice and a misty view of the distant hills.

2006-01-05  •••  Self Portrait

Just playing with some lighting techniques. I honestly wasn't planning on including myself in this shot. I find winter is a great time to practice still-life and product photography.

2006-01-04  •••  Pedestrian

Canada day on Rideau Street. I am always amazed by the number of people who make it out on July 1st. You have to wonder where they all come from.

2006-01-02  •••  Blue Jay Way

I love the different shades of blue in the jay's feathers. There are a few of these guys up at the cottage and Bill keeps them well fed.

2006-01-01  •••  Super Oval

The stove at Danford. An experiment in photo aging.

2005-12-31  •••  Red Gables

A small barn on the way to Mont Saint Marie.

2005-12-30  •••  New Lens

This is a picture of (and with) my new 17-40L lens. A wonderful Christmas gift from my parents.

2005-12-29  •••  Hairy Woodpecker

I have been trying to get a good woodpecker shot for nearly a year now. This guy showed up outside our window at Danford lake.

2005-12-28  •••  Jack Frost

Jack the boxer at Danford Lake. He likes being outdoors but he's not too sure about all this snow.

2005-12-26  •••  The Last Shrimp

Let's hope there is more shrimp for everyone in the new year.

2005-12-23  •••  Wind on the Water

It has been a few days since I last posted. Sorry, it is a busy time of year. Here is a chilly shot of the point at Danford Lake.

2005-12-17  •••  Heron Impression

An experiment in motion. The only modifications to this shot were a little added saturation and a little more contrast. It was also cropped to emphasize the flight path of the heron.

2005-12-14  •••  Rust Never Sleeps

This photo is really about the differences in texture and colour between the pipe and the snow.

2005-12-10  •••  Best Friends

My niece Abigail and her friend Streak at Jo-Den Haven, Grand Lake.

2005-12-07  •••  Early Snow

This scene almost looks like an oil painting to me. I love Karen's orange hat.

2005-12-03  •••  Caution

Whoever writes these signs must have a great sense of humour.

2005-12-01  •••  Spring

From the bottanical gardens at the experimental farm. Something to look forward to.

2005-11-30  •••  Wheels & Barrow

Still life behind the garage at Danford.

2005-11-27  •••  Snow Raft

We have felt winter coming for a while but it still managed to take us by surprise. Pretty soon the lake will be frozen over.

2005-11-24  •••  Goodbye Blue Sky

You could almost imagine a scene from an old war movie. This was taken near my home in Ottawa while out for a cold evening walk.

2005-11-22  •••  Tied Up Downtown

I never like seeing animals caged or tied up, especially in the middle of the city. I'm sure this guy would be much happier in a field somewhere.

2005-11-18  •••  Locking Post

In the woods at Mer Blue. I wonder what was so important...

2005-11-16  •••  Small Town

Caught in this concrete jungle, we turn and see our past hiding within us.

2005-11-13  •••  Mall Spectres

We wander these halls in quiet desperation. If only we knew what we were looking for.

2005-11-11  •••  Where You End and I Begin

View the word in someone else's shoes.

2005-11-08  •••  Tree Parts

It is a strange time where everything seems naked and vulnerable. We once again realize that summer is not eternal. Winter is coming.

2005-11-05  •••  Brick Road

Art imitating life. I definitely have a thing for old bicycles. Karen and I love to take our old raleighs out on the weekend.

2005-10-31  •••  Fall path

Fall has finally arrived in Ottawa. A great time to walk around and visit a few places we normally take for granted.

2005-10-30  •••  Fire water

This is the eternal flame in front of the Peace Tower. I tried to capture the four elements here: earth, air, fire and water. I think I will have to come back in the evening to really capture that flame.

2005-10-26  •••  Supreme Quartz

These sculptures convene outsite the Ontario provincial courthouse. While I am sure the intended message was akin to blind justice, I always felt they spoke more of ignorance and complacency. Perhaps I am betraying a personal bias...

2005-10-20  •••  Aqua Duck

This is one of the 'Duck monsters' from the fountain in Confederation Square. It always amazes me how evil these guys look. Especially with water shooting out of their mouths.

2005-10-19  •••  Danford Girl

Karen on the dock at Danford lake. Karen and I usually spend the mornings up there running around with our cameras. Often we are trying to catch either the great blue heron or the small family of loons on 'film'. No loons yet but it's a great way to spend a Sunday morning.

2005-10-18  •••  Used Jeep

An interesting display at the new War Museum in Ottawa. The take-home message here being 'No matter how bad your day was at work at least no one shot at you'.

2005-10-17  •••  Flame Thrower

There are many buskers that travel through Ottawa during the summer. This guy was really going all out. He even ended up swallowing the torch at the end.

2005-10-13  •••  Lady of Haida Gwaii

This is one of the passengers on The Spirit of the Haida Gwaii, a sculpture by Bill Reid depicting several mythololgical creatures in a Haida canoe. This is actually the original plaster cast that was used to create the famous 'Black Canoe' that is on display at the Canadian Embassy in Washington.

2005-10-12  •••  Gourds

These are seriously freaky vegetables. I love them. You almost feel that they are like snowflakes; no two gourds are ever the same.

2005-10-11  •••  Spiders

A powerful display outside the National Art Gallery. I love how the woman's walker mirrors the features of the spider. It kind of looks like a baby spider...that just caught a tasty snack (I know, that's terrible).

2005-10-10  •••  Staying afloat

Few things define melancholy as well as fall leaves in water. It hints at the hard realities of nature and the cold months ahead. At the same time it reminds us that life works in cycles and we always come back to the things we left behind.

2005-10-09  •••  Fall falls

This weekend finally saw the changing of the leaves in the Gateneau Hills. Unfortunately, they lack the vibrant colors of previous years. I went for a hike with my camera and was fortunate to find a subject other than the brown leaves.

2005-10-08  •••  Skywalk sunset

This happened as I was on my way home past Billings Bridge. I find it funny that it is hard to look directly at the sun in the picture without squinting.

2005-10-07  •••  Totem Bird

One of the more colorful totems in the Canadian Museum of Civilization. It is wonderful to think of the community spirit that went into these works of art.

2005-10-05  •••  Danford Skyline

Looking west across our bay at Danford lake as the sun comes up behind me. It has been a great summer.

2005-10-04  •••  Blades

I like the delicacy of this one. It has a certain Zen quality to it. I do wish I had used a lower ISO.

2005-10-02  •••  Monarch

I met this lady on her way south for the winter. There were a number of monarchs in the fields this year, lets hope it stays that way.

2005-09-28  •••  Sunset

I like the monochrome feel to this shot. I was in my car when I saw this and luckily had my camera in the back.

2005-09-24  •••  Boat

This was taken at Brittania beach with the tide out. One of the few good sailing days left...

2005-09-12  •••  Little Bird

While I was hiking around the Mer Blue reserve, this guy followed me around for about a half an hour. I tried to capture the different layers of branches in the background.

2005-09-11  •••  Buttercups

This was shot in a field of wildflowers but I was trying for more of a studio feel. I felt that the dew on the petals came out better in black and white.

2005-09-05  •••  Turtle

A rainy day at the lake. I like that the tree is captured in the body of the turtle.

2005-08-15  •••  Blue Heron

This is the Great Blue Heron from Danford Lake. I have been trying to get a shot of him for some time now. He finally decided to let me have one. The sun was just coming up and gave me some great lighting.

2005-08-14  •••  Butterfly

This was taken just outside my door at Danford lake. I followed him around for about an hour.

2005-07-21  •••  Bulb

This was taken in a field covered with these little guys. Great testing ground for my new macro lens.

2005-06-19  •••  Pond

Just liked how this tree appeared to be growing horizontally. I think I will come back here in the winter time.

2005-06-13  •••  Hornet

My main goal was to capture the delicate petals. The hornet came along while I was composing the shot.

2005-06-12  •••  Sticks

This was the only thing growing on this tree; one of the first signs of spring. I tried to keep the overall tone fairly cold to emphasise the branches in the background.

2005-06-05  •••  White Petals

This was another shot from the experimental farm. These flowers were huge and they were just soaking up the sun.

2005-05-29  •••  White Flowers

Shot at the experimental farm wildflower gardens. The contrast between the white and blue flowers caught my eye. It really draws you in.

2005-05-26  •••  Leaf with Drops

There is a certain symmetry in this shot that I like. I'm still amazed at the level of detail I can get with my 350D.

2005-05-25  •••  River

Hogsback falls. Had to get up pretty early to get the right lighting for this shot.

2005-05-23  •••  Tulips

Every spring Ottawa has a tulip festival. Most of the tulips are bright colors. These had a more natural look to them that caught my eye.

2005-05-22  •••  Orange Flower

I was walking in the market when this flower caught my eye. This is one of my first pictures with my new Canon EOS 350D...I love this camera.

2005-05-20  •••  Thistle and Ladybug

I was shooting thistles for a birthday present for a friend from Scotland (it's the national flower). The ladybug helped to emphasize the peril of the thorns.

2005-05-17  •••  Gold Tree

Hiking in northern Quebec. We came around the corner on the trail and this golden tree jumped out at us. The tall birch trees somehow remind me of Mount Rushmore.

2005-05-16  •••  Blue Iris

An iris from Danford Lake. I love the complexity of this flower.

2005-05-15  •••  Wasp

This was one of my first shots with my Sigma macro zoom lens. I've always had a slight fear of wasps. The zoom lens let me keep a comfortable distance.